All people have some degree of affective lack. The brands that supply this lack win faithful customers.

The passion for success can move a mountain. The passion for innovation can build a range of mountains and a tunnel to cross them.

There is no great undertaking alone. But the initial spark always starts from a single mind and a single heart.

Leader is a loner who makes others feel safe.

Disturbed minds are often very creative.

The first human instinct is that of survival. The second is to take advantage of something or someone.

Creativity is a state of restlessness of the mind.

All is all. A project is truly successful only if all its essential pillars are well established and balanced.

The idealist lives between the satisfaction of pursuing the ideal and the frustration of never reaching it.

Your biggest allies can quickly turn into your biggest enemies for one simple reason: they want the same thing as you.

Thinking just one step ahead of your competitors is usually enough to finish just one step behind the winners.

The age of speed is eternal because time is the most precious good we possess.

Quotes | Patrick Dorell